Shining Star

Black History Month—while not the only time of the year to respect and acknowledge the past, present, and future of Black excellence and our causes—is an exceptional opportunity to teach our children lessons of gratitude for visionaries and inspire a passion for creating an anti-racist society. This education starts young, and continues throughout life in cycles of learning and reflecting and acting. As both an author of children’s books and a father of two, I feel this responsibility to share what I have learned and what I struggle with understanding. I hope to facilitate conversations within families and beyond; to add kindness and gentleness to the world through my work.
The heart, soul, and mind grow in relation to one another: an atrophy of one will cause the others to wither too; the strengthening of one will raise up the rest. Thus, constantly evaluating yourself and those you surround yourself with is necessary in spreading positivity in any capacity. ​One thing that I have learned is that unity alone isn’t enough ​to expand equity in our systems and communities, and out into the world.​ We must not be afraid to hold those that are trying to tear us apart accountable. At all times, we must do our very best to be the change needed in this world, and to also hold strong in the face of ignorance and prejudice. Let ours be the light that extinguishes the darkness.​ Let’s learn from the humility and bravery of others fighting for just that.

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